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The objective of the Management Structure is to get an easy manageable management procedure capable of providing a flexible and practical day to day implementation. The Project Management is composed by two different bodies that will assure the correct orientation of the project to the expected results and that will be supported by the Use Case Leaders and Work Packages Leaders.

Operational level

Project Management Team (PMT):

  • Project Coordinator (PC): Dr. Mikel Armendia, senior Researcher at the Control and Automatic Unit in IK4-TEKNIKER.
  • Innovation Manager (IM): Dr. Mani Ghassempouri, Innovation-R&D Manager in Comau.
  • Exploitation Manager (EM): Dr. Marc Stautner the Director of Research in ModuleWorks.

Strategy level

The Steering Board (SB): The Steering Board will be the last decision making body and it will be composed by one representative per partner and will be chaired by the Project Coordinator.

WP Leaders

WP leaders will coordinate the work within individual tasks. The WPL will be responsible for the control and quality of the deliverables associated to each WP.

Use Case Leaders

The end users involved in this Twin-Control project will host the validation scenarios. The validation activities will be developed during the last year of the project in Spain (MASA) and France (RENAULT).