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Twin-Control aims to develop a simulation system that integrates the different aspects that affect machine tool and machining performance, including lifecycle concepts, providing better estimation of machining performance than single featured simulation packages. This holistic simulation model will be linked to the real machines in order to update itself according to their real condition and to perform control actions that will lead to performance improvements.

This project was active for three years, September 2015-2018.



Twin-Control successfully reaches end of project

Last Wednesday, September 26, the Twin-Control consortium as well as project officer Erastos Filos and technical advisor Björn Johansson gathered at RENAULT’s facilities for the final review meeting. During the meeting, all project results were reported and pilot scenarios were presented through videos and live demonstrations. This meeting marked the official end of the project, which has been succesful in reaching its ambitious goals.

Twin-Control aimed to develop a new concept of machine tool simulation, unifying the different concepts that affect the machining process, combining advanced simultation models and including vital aspects in today’s industry, such as maintenance and energy efficiency. In adition, this new concept would allow for the integration of the actual machine state in the models, increasing productivity through model-based control and even assisting with predictive maintenance actions. Read more

“A multidisciplinary team has been the secret for Twin-Control’s success”

With only a few weeks left for the completion of the Twin-Control project, coordinator Mikel Armendia from IK4-TEKNIKER summarizes the past three years of this ambitious initiative. According to Mikel, the “Digital Twin” concept is becoming popular but most available tools still show the same drawbacks, mainly lack of integration of different features. Twin-Control, which is now undergoing its final industrial validation activities, has been successful in this aspect, thanks to its multidisciplinary vision.

Please remind us about the characteristics and objectives of Twin-Control project.

Twin-Control is an EU funded project that deals with the application of ICTs in Machine Tool industry. Different features linked with simulation, monitoring and control of machine tools and machining processes have been developed and validated in industrial environments. Read more

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