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Twin-Control aims to develop a simulation system that integrates the different aspects that affect machine tool and machining performance, including lifecycle concepts, providing better estimation of machining performance than single featured simulation packages. This holistic simulation model will be linked to the real machines in order to update itself according to their real condition and to perform control actions that will lead to performance improvements.



“Twin-Control will improve our production capacities”

An interview with Guillermo Gil and Carlos Mozas from MASA. Specialized in the manufacture of parts for the aerospace industry, project partner MASA will implement and test Twin-Control ‘s results.

How did you learn about the project? What aspects of the project attracted you to join it?

The main aspect of the project that attracted us was its future perspectives. Twin-Control will improve our production capacities, and it will not finish at the end of the project. With the knowledge acquired we will be able to carry out more efficient production plans, from the machines’

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