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What a Machining Center Really Costs: Total Lifecycle ROI

Source: Modern Machine Shop Jedd Cole, Assistant Editor (Modern Machine Shop) / A white paper explains why it’s important to look at the entire lifecycle of a machine to determine its true costs and benefits. The problem is simple to define, but getting ahead of it can quickly become complex: “Manufacturers often focus only on equipment price when making [return-on-investment (ROI)] calculations and fail to evaluate the total life cycle …Read More

JIMTOF: A Strong Embrace of Industrial Internet of Things

Source: Modern Machine Shop Online The message from the 2016 Japan International Machine Tool Fair (JIMTOF), Japan’s premier machine tool show, was clear: Japanese providers of manufacturing technology have embraced the concepts of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Although there is no exact definition for what this phrase means, it undoubtedly refers to the strategy of linking machine tools and other shopfloor equipment to a web-enabled network that makes …Read More

“Simulation will help better design machines and processes”

An interview with Jaouher Selmi from RENAULT. Renault Group, originally from France, is a leading company in the production of cars, including commercial vehicles and racing cars. As a project partner, RENAULT will implement and test Twin-Control’s results. How did you know about the project? What aspects of the project attracted you to join it? Renault was investigating and looking for a partnership in order to develop the use of …Read More

DMG-Mori and Schaeffler towards Industry 4.0

Source: DMG Mori Last year, DMG MORI presented an Industry 4.0 project developed in collaboration with its technology partners. Based on the DMC 80 FD duoBLOCK®, DMG MORI presented a machine tool equipped with more than 60 sensors that transmitted digitised information on components from the sensors to the cloud for the purposes of data collection, storage and analysis. The objective was constant status monitoring within the machine. The app-based …Read More

Twin-Control: improving accuracy through simulation

By Luke Berglind and Erdem Ozturk, Researchers at the The University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC). The primary objective of machining operations is to produce a final product that possesses a desired set of geometric features. In cutting operations, these features are produced by removing material from an initial stock of material until only the final part is left behind. To be successful, CNC machines must accurately position …Read More

Mazak to Preview SmartBox Platform Developments at Cisco Conference

Source: Modern Machine Shop Online Mazak Corp. (Florence, Kentucky) will debut the next phases of its Mazak SmartBox platform at Cisco Systems Inc.’s Cisco Live event in Las Vegas, Nevada, July 10-14, 2016. The SmartBox cyber-secure Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform, developed in collaboration with Cisco, will offer Mazak iSmart Cloud connectivity, machine learning and predictive maintenance capabilities. As a launch platform, SmartBox is said to enable manufacturers to …Read More