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“A multidisciplinary team has been the secret for Twin-Control’s success”

With only a few weeks left for the completion of the Twin-Control project, coordinator Mikel Armendia from IK4-TEKNIKER summarizes the past three years of this ambitious initiative. According to Mikel, the “Digital Twin” concept is becoming popular but most available tools still show the same drawbacks, mainly lack of integration of different features. Twin-Control, which is now undergoing its final industrial validation activities, has been successful in this aspect, thanks …Read More

“Twin-Control will provide more intelligence to the machine”

Mikel Armendia (1983, Elgoibar, Spain) is the coordinator of the Twin-Control project. Having a master’s in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Mondragon (2007) and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Mondragon (2011), he is currently a researcher at the Automation and Control Unit of the research centre IK4-Tekniker.
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