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Twin-Control presented at scientific-industrial forums

Before the summer, members of the Twin-Control consortium presented the project at different forums of sicentific-industrial interest.

  • NAFEMS World Conference 2017 took place in Stockholm, Sweden, 11-14 June 2017. Frédéric Cugnon from SAMTECH presented the paper “Machine tools mechatronic analysis in the scope of EU Twin-Control project”, co-authored by Mani Ghassempouri (COMAU) and Mikel Armendia (IK4-TEKNIKER). The main subject was machine tool FEM modelling and validation, using COMAU Urane machine as an example.

  • ECCOMAS conference on Multibody Dynamics took place in Prague, Czech Republic, 19-22 June 2017. Frédéric Cugnon from SAMTECH was also in charge of presenting the paper “Advance modelling of machine tool machining process”, co-authored by Denys Plakhotnik (ModuleWorks), Luke Berglind (University of Sheffield AMRC). In this case the focus was on the integration of the machining process in the MECANO model.
  • 16th CIRP Conference on Modelling of Machining Operations took place in Cluny, France, 15-16 June 2017. Luke Berglin (University of Sheffield AMRC) gave an oral presentation, dealing on their developments in static force prediction, related to the process model. Denys Plakhotnik (ModuleWorks) and Erdem Ozturk (University of Sheffield AMRC) were his main contributors. Théo Dorlin, from RENAULT, also presented some slides related to Twin-Control project in his keynote about “Simulation activities at Renault group”, during the 16th CIRP Conference.
  • Finally, Erdem Ozturk (University of Sheffield AMRC) presented Twin-Control at the CIRP UK meeting in Manchester, on 5 May 2017. The purpose of the presentation was to increase awareness in the machining community for the Twin-Control Concept.

Images: 1) Théo Dorlin (RENAULT) at CIRP CMMO 2017, 2) Luke Berglind (University of Sheffield AMRC) at CIRP CMMO 2017, 3) Erdem Ozturk (University of Sheffield AMRC) at the CIRP UK, 4) Frédéric Cugnon (SAMTECH) at NAFEMS World Conference 2017.

Papers corresponding to these and other conferences are available in the Publications section.

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