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Twin-Control presented at MACH 2018

Last week our colleague Erdem Ozturk from the AMRC (University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre) presented Twin-Control at MACH 2018. This fair is the UK’s showcase for advanced engineering and manufacturing, held in Birmingham on 9-13 April 2018.

Regarding Twin-Control, our colleague’s presentation focused on the advances our project can offer for manufacturing processes. There are existing commercial solutions for virtual machining; however, there are gaps in their capabilities:

  • Online simulation
  • Stability in 5-axis miling
  • Visualisation of errors on the parts
  • Integration of different pillars, i.e. mechanics, dynamics and control

Hence, Erdem explained, in Twin-Control we have been developing digital twins of the machining processes. These can be used as a tool for process optimization. Moreover, we have been integrating simulations and measurements to perform model based control for improved productivity and quality, and we will apply the developed solutions to the case studies.

This fair was an excellent occasion to interact with the scientific and industrial communities, and AMRC colleagues answered questions and collected feedback for our project.

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